Caballos Llargués is a company dedicated to the national and international purchase/sale of horses, it is also a dream that has been realised thanks to the work, effort, perseverance and dedication of the person who has been directing it for the last generation.

That person is Mr Pedro Llargués, a man who comes from a family of breeders with more than one century of tradition and experience in the horse purchase/sales and exportation sector. In recent years he has almost completely focused on Pure Spanish Horses, be they bred at his facilities or purchased from the various S.P H. breeders currently in operation. During all these years he has sold horses in every corner of the world.

Pedro Llargués Roca
After the several years of work, total dedication, effort and endeavour that we have dedicated to the purchase/sale of Spanish horses, we have acquired a level of experience in this sector that shows our worth as a national and international intermediary, allowing us to provide the best post-sales benefits and service to our customers. All of this comes with the great passion and professionalism that this experience has given us.
Our work is defined by the results obtained, which throughout our history have taught us and led us to work with a good product, trying to give our customers the best price/quality ratio and subsequent post-sales service, our wide portfolio of clients and continued work with them is proof of such.

lg-llargues-hierro lg-laaldara
Through our commitment, responsibility and standards we feel driven to work to achieve our goals, which are based around obtaining the utmost quality in our products in order to give our customers the greatest confidence and later provide them with the best service and try to help them in any way they require, seeking to provide the best support we can. Our greatest reward is having a happy and satisfied customer, as well as making a friend with every sale.

In order to be able to carry out all of this work we have a technical and human infrastructure, we are also lucky enough to have two facilities, one in the province of Seville (Finca La Aldara) and another in Barcelona (Finca Mas Llargués), both have spaces that are substantial enough to provide a good home for our specimens, fully equipped and kept in the best conditions possible for the perfect care, dressage and training of our horses.

The wide range of specimens covered by these two sale centres is noteworthy. We have specimens with very different characteristics, horses for sport and morphology, apt for all kinds of customer.

These facilities have produced champion horses in various categories: morphology, functionality and classic dressage.

In order to handle the management of these two sales centres, we have two suitably skilled, motivated and specialised people, whose collaboration and help keeps both studs prepared to receive the specimens that arrive from all corners of Spain and overseas, and, above all, to welcome our customers and friends and meet their needs.

In Barcelona we have Jonatan Llargués, who is responsible for the management, service and organisation at Finca Mas Llargués, together with the support and advice of the experienced Mr Antonio Llargués Lloret.

Finca La Aldara, once owned by Mr Diego Méndez, who is nationally and internationally recognised for the breeding and trading of Pure Arabian Horses, brought international renown to this stud because of the specimens born there that received countless awards at competitions for the breed, some even becoming world champions.

After the purchase of this emblematic stud by Mr Pedro Llargués with his project in mind, he managed to renovate, modernise and provide the focus that he sought to give to these facilities, making it an international centre for the sale of Pure Spanish Horses of the utmost quality… a dream that is realised through hard work every day.

Today it is managed by José Manuel Callejo, who has for a long time been in charge of these facilities and all the tasks that go with the supervision, management and trading of our horses on a national and international level.